I never considered myself to be good with words, untill I stopped conforming to ordinary ways of writing. In the beautiful space that the poetic mind gives, my words blossom at the end of the branches of their deeper meaning.My poetry seldom stands alone. It is rooted to performances, images and rituals. Here I present some of these verbal flowers. They are like the flowers we take from nature; beautiful

WOMB intensive

In the spring of 2017 I designed myself a retreat. In this retreat of 45 days I, among other things, found myself in the task to meditate daily on the sensations of my womb. These meditations created feelings, insights and visual images. These images I worked out in my notebook. Every week I would pick one to work out on a bigger sheet. And thus the collection ‘WOMB intensive’ was


Sidera is a collaboration work with Frederik Theuwis. My fineliner drawing was the inspiration for his handwritten Dutch poem. The package of drawing and poem are for sale. Sidera De korrels van het zand kriebelen tussen haar tenen. Ze merkt het op, maar het verstoort haar uitgestippelde aandacht niet. Ze is dáár waar zij is. Tussen de lange generfde bladeren van de sansevieria’s richt ze zich op. Omhoog, volledig verankerd