In order to come to this form of art, I engage myself in a ritualistic inquiry within myself. This is an investigation into where I am at the moment of creation, and what arises there and then. That is the basis of my work. This is a continuous striving, never finished, and not something that just happens. And I try to express this by working with different mediums; visual art, writing, music and dance / performance art.

The research I do is simultaneously a reflection of me as an individual and a representation of what I experience as universal; something that everyone goes through in his life.

elise van meene

By making contact with my higher self I develop insights. Two things are important for me to have this contact; surrender and recognition. Through these two qualities I see and listen to what is there, and not what I want there to be. A pure moment of self-reflection. I look at what is there, and what is needed to achieve a further acceptance and surrender. Not connected to what the ego wants. Surrender and recognition is a development; a continuous process and not something that I can only resolve and then do. This is why I call my art and especially the process ritualistic. Through this process, images form in me that show what there is now and what is potential. Then I try to interpret these insights in language. A language in sound, image or words. I adjust the medium to the insight I want to translate.

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