In 2013 I graduated at the Academy for Visual Education in Tilburg in the direction of teaching. After being a teacher for two years in primary and secondary education, it became clear to me that I had to take the step to offer my love of art, music, and movement in a different way to the group of people with whom I want to work together. In the role of teacher I lacked the space and possibilities to make a deeper connection possible with those around me. A connection that goes beyond the goals of work as a teacher and its related structures of pedagogy.

After my studies I traveled to different places in the world where I hoped to discover more about myself. In the broadest sense of the word.

Encounters with myself, people around me, special power places, different cultures and various forms of spirituality have brought me to the point where I am now. Living from connection with my heart, body and head. Living from my womanhood.

With 20 years of music experience, artistry, my education as an art teacher, and the accumulated knowledge of various teachers from all over the world, I make sure that I offer courses and workshops in which all these components can meet each other in a special way. And I feel that now is the time to step into the world with my talents and use them for a better world.

No matter how cliché it is, I believe that a better world starts with yourself. Getting to know yourself, your true self and the potential you have to stand for what you value. Because this is the calling of your soul, and you ignore a part of yourself if you can not connect to it. We live in a time where this is so badly needed. To make contact with yourself in a kind and loving way, to grow and to blossom, invites you to come into contact with your environment, people and nature in a different way.

Imagine if every person can look at herself with more compassion and therefore also more compassionately at others? She chooses what is really good, and not because she ‘needs’ something or someone. How would the world look different, where people and nature have less to suffer?

But, enough hopeful and idealistic thoughts about the future. Because, it’s about the here and now. We have to face what is happening right now. And to get in touch with this, to investigate it, you have to dedicate yourself completely to what lives in you right now. Everything. Pleasant and less pleasant things, emotions such as anger, grief, shame. But also love, joy. And how do you do this? And also how do you not merely ‘know’ it, but how do you live it? I think that there is no clear answer to this, because this moment may differ from moment to moment. What worked yesterday may have no effect today.

So learning to listen and observe what is happening in yourself right now is for me something that I can work with every moment and what I offer in my work.

What I found out is that creating art, making music, dancing, walking in nature and meditation means for me to get in touch with what is now. The name of my project, ‘The Art of Surrender’ has everything to do with it. The art of surrendering to the moment ..

An art, because I experienced and experience that this is not always the easiest thing to do. And at times it can even be painful, because you may come across things that you would rather not come across. But at the same time it can also invite something else, a development or insight that you never could have imagined before.

In addition, my own search into my womanhood is one where I increasingly come into contact with my menstrual cycle. A few years ago I felt that it was okay to take the birth control pill even in the fourth week and to see my period as a burden. At the beginning of my 23rd year of life, I discovered more and more that menstruation was not just painful. And that there was a lot of valuable things to discover.

To this day I try to make that connection again and again with my womb, because there is so much important wisdom in it. The knowledge that is stored there is accessible to everyone, but we have forgotten how. Simply because there is little education. In schools, in the media and in the general thoughts of the culture in which we grow up. I do not only focus on the knowledge of the practical aspects of the cycle, but also and precisely that powerful primordial source of the women!

I see it as my mission to connect women, young and old, to their wombs, to their womanhood. With the power they have in them, and to express it. Because I SEE that the world is ready for a lot of old and new Goddesses!


Women change their moods with the Moon….
Dance with roots and blood and tides.
Women sing songs that only the Soul can hear…
and cry in a language long forgotten.
Women hold wisdom in their bodies…
and birth dreams in rhythm with the rushing river.
Women know how to flow.
Women know when to let go of the pain;
pain that has always been too heavy to share.
Women keep secrets hidden in their bones, and leave traces of themselves for their daughters to find when they have gone.

And, if you have ever wondered why women change their minds like the wind… it’s because they had to learn to nurture themselves with elusive things like words, and fragrance, and moonlight. Women were born to embrace and soothe and mend the broken, the hungry and the loss of innocence.

This is why women walk like a slow, rumbling thunder… This is why women spend an eternity weaving velvet and candlelight and magic into a fabric that will never tatter ~ despite nights of chasing after wild, soulful longings, and mornings of endless chores, and a lifetime of creating Love for others.

Women know the reason the seasons must change, and why the cycles of life and death and rebirth, do not. And, like the dark side of the Moon, women know more than they can ever show you…
Leesa Wilson


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